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Millemiglia 2021 – The Most Beautiful Race in the World

Beatrice Lessi

Coolest Line-up

Imagine to sit in a light breeze, under a tree or at a coffee shop outdoor table, sipping your water or waving a little flag to cheer  up riders, while watching one fabulous, rare, powerful or exceptional car after the other. What is unique at MillemigliaLa corsa più bella del mondo (The most beautiful race on earth) – is, apart from the always changing gorgeous locations  across Italy, this incredible line-up of completely different cars (very old, very new, supercars, historical ones. etc etc) that you really don’g get to see often in real life. And they are noisy! And aggressive! And their drivers  wave at you every time you cheer. Gentlemen rules one can see only at Millemiglia.

Italian Emotions

Yes: one of the reasons why so many collectors and car lovers spend so much money to join Millemiglia is the spectators reaction. Villages go to the streets to watch and encourage race drivers,  passers by take tons of pictures, kids say “ciao” and make noise,  grandmothers bring their little ones to admire the show, even the Polizia and Carabinieri  join and close one eye if they pass with red or go really fast – something unheard of in any other country.

The race is very expensive for three main reasons: the entry itself (starting at EUR 8’500); the car (it needs to qualify, and only immaculate cars get in);  and the frequent need of assistance, service or repair for the very old cars.

But many keep returning, because the emotions of this race are unparalleled, and so typically Italian.

Tributo Ferrari

A special section, Tributo Ferrari, featuring new and old cars, is also dedicated to the firm from Maranello. Before racing, cars stay parked for a while, lined up in a nice part of the village, for everybody to admire. This is such a highlight, because one can really speak to the owners, admire the interiors, take photos and videos without any hurry.

The race is organised in a way that allows different age groups (or better, older cars and new cars) to compete together, so it’s based on precision, not on speed. Exactly like the Giro E, the other fantastic way to see Italy from top to bottom while enjoying a famous competition (Giro d’Italia) and the party atmosphere, this rule allows a fair way to put together athletes with more or less experience, and engines with more or less power.

Impressions of Day One

Below, some photos of the starting day of the 2021 edition. The green Ferrari previously owned by Jay Kay of Jamiroquai was the big head turner of Tributo Ferrari, but it’s hard to decide which one is best. For more cars and more information about the race, go to my Instagram or to the Millemiglia profile.

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