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Swiss Precision and Italian Beauty: The New Da Vinci

Beatrice Lessi

The perfect marriage

The perfect marriage does exist – and we have just seen in Geneva, at the SIHH (Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, International Fair of Fine Watchmaking). Put together the perfection of Swiss watch making with the eternal beauty of a Leonardo da Vinci design, and you’ll have it: the new Da Vinci watch.

How Does It Look Like?

Elegant, luxurious, classic: the new IWC watch has already graced more than one celebrity’s wrist, as we have seen during the  Decoding the Beauty of Time Gala.

The new model revisits the iconic design of the 1980s. The classic round case stays the same, while some of the new references are smaller and slimmer, and have a more feminine design.

Personally I also see a resemblance with the IWC best seller, the Portofino, which Geri and I love and have been wearing for a while.

IWC new Da Vinci

The Flower of Life

The case back of the Da Vinci 36-millimetre models is engraved with a geometric figure, the “Flower of Life”, a symbol of energy in many cultures across the world that contains numerous mathematical rules and universal laws. Leonardo da Vinci was inspired by its shape as well, studying its mathematical properties in extensive artistic drawings. The harmonious symbol was also at the very centre of the IWC Booth at the SIHH, which we visited for the launch of the new watch.

IWC new Da Vinci ask the monsters

The IWC Booth

Geri and I were invited at the IWC booth in Geneva, where we saw the new models for the first time. The Booth itself, inspired to a Florentin Palazzo with its central sculpture, white columns and huge bunches of roses, was the perfect backdrop for pictures. I had trouble to keep my hands off the different watches and felt like wearing them all – it was hard for me to find a favourite. Finally I chose one whose pink strap was matching my outfit, as you can see from the photos. I am enclosing the official Da Vinci  video at the end of this article because I think it perfectly shows the combination of beauty and precision of the new model. Thank you once more to IWC for inviting us monsters to this launch – it’s always interesting to be among the first ones to see a novelty, but above all to be together with passionate, hard-working, motivated people who keep producing top quality products and fabolous events.


Clothes and shoes: Longchamp. Bags: Maison Mollerus. Watches: IWC.

IWC new Da Vinci

IWC new Da Vinci

IWC new Da Vinci

IWC new Da Vinci

IWC new Da Vinci

IWC new Da Vinci

  1. Beautiful watches! Attending this event must have been amazing 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


    Claire from Dresscape

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