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Winning Team Von Moos Pens of Switzerland

Beatrice Lessi

Fine Writing

Von Moos Pens of Switzerland is a premium brand of writing instruments that look more like customised jewellery, than simple fountain pens. Its customers are typically UHNW individuals who love top quality and something created especially for them with the finest materials.

When I met the team behind it, its founder André Von Moos and its designer Claudia Astore, I wasn’t surprised. André is the typical Swiss gentleman and entrepreneur you want to work with, and Claudia is the creative mind – who might be mistaken for a model as well. Together, they exude elegance.

Von Moos Pens switzerland

André Von Moos in his beloved Lucerne

von moos pens switzerland

Claudia Astore

Beauty and Emotion

The Von Moos concept is very traditional – hand writing at its best – but also constantly evolving.

Have you seen the new concept we are studying? A pen that can open your car, your door, and can use your credit card, thanks to its chip.

Says Claudia.

We still use the best raw materials and privilege sensual shapes. Beauty that can give you an emotion!

Says André.

Von Moos Pens switzerland

Sensual shapes inspired by the female body

Von Moos Pens switzerland

A chip will be added in the top of the new Von Moos pen

Designing Luxury

Claudia shows me how she starts to sketch ideas and, together with André, they create different pens that will end up being purchased allover the world.

This is a flower I’m going to realise in gold filigrane to decorate a wooden pen

She says.

Von Moos Pens switzerland

This flower will be realised in filigrane and put around a wooden pen

A fine writing instrument is an exclusive present people are redescovering more and more. A present for a lifetime or important occasions to give yourself or a loved one…we’ve been working together for ten years now, and are proud to represent Swiss excellence in some of the best spots in the world.

When I start to photograph her sketches, she warns me:

Don’t show the Expo Dubai 2020 designs! They are still confidential!

So I’ll have to wait for those, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dubai silhouette will become their best seller.

If you want to see more Von Moos Pens, visit their Instagram profile or their website.

von moos pens switzerland

Claudia loves translating to paper her personal ideas, and what Von Moos customers wish

von moos pens switzerland

Paper and laptop – tradition and technology



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