Philips global summit 2018 beauty index
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Global Beauty Summit 2018

Beatrice Lessi

The Global Beauty Index

Every year, Philips interviews about 11’000 women around the globe, asks them about their beauty habits, wishes and needs. The results are shown at the Global Beauty Summit in Amsterdam where Rianne Meijerman, Global Business Leader Philips Beauty, presents the findings of the study to journalists, influencers, beauty experts and to the Philips Beauty crew.

Philips global summit 2018 beauty index

Rianne Meijerman shares the findings of the study

Fairytale Mirrors

Past and future blend harmoniously during the whole event .This year, silver mirrors decorated our rooms and tables or floated in the air, hanging from trees and gently reflecting the candle light.

They were the symbol of the question we were all asked: what do you see in the mirror? What is the future of beauty?

What a fairytale! A personalised mirror symbolizes the results of the Beauty Summit

Beauty in a World of Flux

The question has many answers, because it’s a fact that mega developments are completely reshaping the way we live our lives and view the world around us. We live in an world of flux.

Philips global summit 2018 beauty index

Interviewed during the event


What is normal, what is standard? Everything is moving and changing. How can one innovate in such a situation? By investing in research, but also simply by meeting real women, talking to them one-on-one, listening with passion and attention to what every “normal” person has to say. And sharing a good laugh!

Philips global summit 2018 beauty index

Never normal or always normal? Sharing a good laugh with the Philips crew

Beauty trends 2018

Some of the key findings of the 2018 Global Beauty Index:

  • The Nr.1 thing that makes women most excited about the world of beauty in the future is…

…the idea of personalised advice on how to keep hair and skin healthy

  • The Nr.2 priority for women when buying beauty products is easy-to-use products
  • 78% believe that you cannot look healthy without being healthy on the inside
  • 69% of women wish that they understood their body better so they can feel the best
  • 63% of women would rather that their skin looks healthier than younger
  • There is no one-size-fits-all approach to beauty. Today’s woman expects brands to provide solutions tailored to her and her needs, weather it’s an App to track her health and fitness, or a cleansing tool that senses her specific skin needs
Philips global summit 2018 beauty index

Measuring my skin hydration with a sensor. What will my score be?

Tech and Glam

Would you agree with what women around the world said? Would you also like to have small, light, easy-to-use tools that measure your skin and hair, and immediately tell you what you should do to improve?

Personally, being a sporty and competitive person, I really enjoyed having my skin measured and compared to the average woman. I was so curious about the results! I measured every single area.

I also enjoyed trying augmented reality, talking to a futuristic mirror, discovering the secrets of face brushes and testing every possible hair device.

Better than laser: with augmented reality and Lumea you’ll be able to put your hair into resting phase

Some Impressions

Here are some of the images from the event, and from Amsterdam. Thank you Philips for organising and showing us where the future is going – all while dressing up and enjoying some glamour!

Philips global summit 2018 beauty index

Face brushes – my latest discovery

Testing every single piece

Philips global summit 2018 beauty index

IPL technology: not to be confused with a laser

Philips global summit 2018 beauty index

In the auditorium

Taking a photo of a photographer

Philips global summit 2018 beauty index

Chill – we are in Amsterdam!

Philips global summit 2018 beauty index

Pretty Amsterdam: every roof is different

Old and new are perfectly blending in the city

A bit of rain owon’t stop me: ready for dinner and feeling like a princess. Photo: Katja Winkler

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