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Rallye Montecarlo Historique

Beatrice Lessi

One week after the famous Rallye Montecarlo, another event takes place  starting from the gorgeous French Riviera: Rallye Montecarlo Historique.

The main difference? In order to race, your car needs to be at least 40 years old. Yes, there are  some fancy cars that make collectors salivate, but at you’ll also see less expensive ones that, in their time,  were considered really average. Something you old auntie might have driven, or the Panda your parents lent you to learn driving, because they didn’t care too much about it. And they look so cute! Their old design makes them lovely. When the noise starts, one feels back in time.

It was the second time my husband and I drove from Zurich to Montecarlo to attend the event. We followed some of the racers on the icy mountain roads, with a brand new car fully equipped with electronics and modern tricks. It’s incredible how hard one needs to push, to keep up with the beautiful old ladies,  and how skilfully the rally drivers managed tight curves and difficult roads, especially considering the age and simplicity of their engines.

If you are looking for an action weekend in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, watching fantastic old timers and breathing classic cars atmosphere, the Rallye Montecarlo Historique is a winner, and I can warmly recommend it.

rallye montecarlo historiquerallye montecarlo historique

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