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Most Instagrammable Zurich Architecture

Beatrice Lessi

If you Think Zurich is Boring….

Well, you really need to think again. Switzerland is indeed a country where most things work, so that started the prejudice that it is boring. But a simple walk in the city will show you one of its – sometimes underrated – strong points: architecture.

I met Janis Graubin online, on Airbnb, while I was researching Zurich tours. He is passionate about the subject, as you can see from his Instagram , and quite knowledgeable.

Below, a gallery of some of the most beautiful buildings in the city. There is more to see and we didn’t have the time to go to all of them, so my bucket list isn’t complete yet. The famous Calatrava library was closed, so I’ll definitely need to photograph it another time.

Here my first of some places worth a visit. To book Janis, here is his Airbnb profile.

zurich architecture

zurich architecture

zurich architecturezurich architecture